Flowers of Yemen

The design for this ketubah dates back to 1794 and comes from San'a, Yemen . The text is surrounded by flowering vines which are filled with rich colours bright reds and warm blues. There is lots of movement in the design especially the archway surrounding the word ketubah, written in Hebrew. All the elements in this ketubah echo back to another place and time. Printed on fine quality artist stock paper. Exquisite hand calligraphy. Elegantly understated size.

Artist: Marion Zimmer

bullet clear Now available as a limited edition Giclee print. Finest quality watercolor paper, extremely vivid colors giving each piece a hand painted appearance.
    Dimensions: 15" x 23"
    Price: $295.00USD

blank   Dimensions: 10" x 16 "
    Price: $125.00USD

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