Mosaic Ketubah

Understated and elegant in size, this brightly colored Mosaic design features traditional symbols of Judaism-Shabbos candlesticks, Kiddush cup and menorah. The arch design, symbolizing the Chuppah', features the Hebrew quote in marriage "ani ledodi ve dodi li" and deeply rooted trees symbolizes the grounding of the new couple. The Holy City of Jerusalem is featured prominently.

Printed on artist stock, acid free paper, with exquisite hand calligraphy, hand painted watercolor appearance.

Artist: Marion Zimmer

bullet clear Now available as a limited edition Giclee print. Finest quality watercolor paper, extremely vivid colors giving each piece a hand painted appearance.
    Dimensions: 15" x 23"
    Price: $295.00USD

blank   Dimensions: 10" x 16 "
    Price: $125.00USD

  Mosaic Ketubah
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